How to digitise your entire supply chain with B2B eCommerce

In 2015, the UK had the third largest eCommerce market in the world with sales amounting to a staggering £533bn ( While there are many businesses who benefit from eCommerce platforms, B2B organisations are missing out on increased profits by not utilising this technology as much as they should. To maximise electronic trading, businesses need … Continued

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What is VMI?

Inventory or stock refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for the ultimate goal of resale. Whilst keeping abreast of shop floor replenishment can often represent a significant challenge to retailers, with too much or too little stock causing serious financial burden, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) places the responsibility of replenishment and stock restoration … Continued

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eInvoicing: The benefits

An invoice is a business document issued by a selling organisation to a buying organisation. The process of manually logging and approving invoices can be painstakingly long, with Accounts Payable teams suffering under inefficient paper processes whilst also fighting the threat of duplicated efforts, late payments and errors. In a recent study the CIMA stated … Continued

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DIY and home improvement stores are often seen as worlds apart from traditional grocery retailers. They offer different stock, can attract a different clientele, and, usually have different experiences of the festive period. Whilst traditional retailers experience a stampede of customers, DIY and home improvement stores are generally much quieter. However, if we fast forward … Continued

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Don’t lose sight of your suppliers

In meteorology, visibility refers to the distance at which an object can be easily discerned. However, businesses dealing with vast supplier bases within competitive markets need to go beyond just distinguishing who their suppliers are and gain real time visibility into their service, standards and performance. In today’s fast paced retail environment, having control of … Continued

The power of standards for patient care in England

Glen Hodgson, Head of Healthcare at GS1 UK, looks at how GS1 standards are delivering improved patient safety, enhanced clinical effectiveness and driving operational efficiencies in Acute Trusts in England When the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy was released in 2014, Acute Trusts in England were asked to start using GS1 standards to track every … Continued

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Coping with the seasonal storm?

The most important thing to consider when preparing for and battling a storm or tumultuous period is safety. Those who operate within seasonal industries are threatened by having to ensure that every product is produced and provided on time, to maximise profitability around peak times to ensure their safety within the off season. Whilst seasonal … Continued

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