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An Event Roundup: London B2B Online Digital and Ecommerce Event

Richard Gallacher
December 3, 2015

TrueCommerce Netalogue were delighted to sponsor and exhibit at this year’s flagship European B2B ecommerce conference event in London’s Canary Wharf this week – the first time this event, which is well established in the USA has made its way to Europe.

It was especially great to hear from so many global leading manufacturers and distributors who were all keen and willing to share their B2B thoughts, pain points and predictions for the best ecommerce platforms.

What is the B2B Online Digital and Ecommerce Event:

B2B Online is an industry led event where attendees can be inspired by B2B’s top digital experts. Its website describes it as,

‘B2B Online is the ONLY pan-European ecommerce event for manufacturers and distributors: bringing together senior practitioners from the industrial supply, automotive, life sciences, construction and office supply industries to provide solutions to all of your digital transformation challenges.’

With more than 35 industry leading speakers from over 100 companies, this event offers 16 hours of networking over coffee, meals and drinks with the chance to gain great opportunities to grow your business and increase online revenues.

Attendees are provided with real life case studies to illustrate educational points and practical workshops to help teach new skills. They can also receive guidance on writing a business plan, the best technology to invest in, as well as the most successful work related training to undertake.

What were the key takeaways of the Event

Conference discussion points primarily focused on:

  • Streamlining the B2B customer journey
  • Personalisation via B2B ecommerce tools
  • B2B mobile ecommerce experience
  • Integration with ERP

Other topics touched on in round table discussions included e-procurement and catalogue punchout.

How Did TrueCommerce Netalogue Participate in the Event?

The digital and ecommerce event was the perfect backdrop for our team to demonstrate the extensive B2B feature-set of the TrueCommerce Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform in action.

B2B eCommerce

 The eye catching Swiss army knife emblazoned on our exhibition stand also drew interest, with many delegates in agreement that the analogy it represents is hugely relevant to the best eCommerce platforms which must be increasingly prepared and capable of dealing with far more complex ecommerce scenarios than their B2C counterparts.

The event was closed with discussions on what the next steps would be in Europe’s B2B digital revolution, something we look forward to covering in a later blog post.

All in all, the London B2B Online Digital and Ecommerce Event was a valuable and well-organised 3 day affair focusing on B2B specific technology and the best ecommerce platforms out there.



If you are interested in learning more about TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B ecommerce and customer self-service please contact us.