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PDF Order Processing: The Easiest Way For Your Customers To Send You Electronic Orders

Richard Gallacher
August 27, 2020

At TrueCommerce, we recognise that smaller and less technically enabled customers can often make up the bulk of a business’s administrative workload. When it comes to trading efficiencies, the smallest 20% of a business’s customers or suppliers can account for 80% of the work but with our PDF processing engine, you can easily extend electronic trading to your entire customer base.
Your customers don’t have to change their processes at all

People and organisations can be adverse to change particularly if they are relatively small and are concerned that the change will result in more work or cost for them, but our PDF solution makes it easy for your customers to send you electronic orders because they don’t have to change their processes at all. They simply email PDF orders and we do the rest.

Find out more about PDF order processing in the following video.



Businesses that use PDF Order Processing can:

  1. Reduce costly ordering errors
    Paper based and manual processes can be notoriously error prone. Removing these tasks from the supply chain increases the accuracy of your order processing
  2. Increase the speed and efficiency of order processing
    The PDF orders that you receive are converted into a standard digital format and process like any other digital order. By replacing traditional orders with electronic equivalents you can reduce the time and resource required to do business.
  3. Focus on your core competencies and leave electronic trading to the experts
    Our team of specialists get you up and running quickly and easily and define what PDF conversion rules you want to include. We’ll then digitise the order and convert them into your preferred formats, before integrating them into your ERP, so you can achieve greater productivity with minimal disruption.
  4. Avoid trading partner disruption
    Increase customer satisfaction by enabling your customers to continue with their current trading processes.


If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your customers, please contact us to find out more.



Richard Gallacher is a Marketing Executive here at TrueCommerce. As a key member of the marketing team, Richard provides insightful, accessible information to help businesses improve and grow their operations. Richard is based in our Manchester office.