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Why all businesses should consider online marketplaces

Richard Gallacher
May 15, 2020

Why all businesses should consider online marketplaces

For most businesses, growing sales is a key goal. But, when you’re met with shrinking physical markets and changing consumer behaviours, where do you turn?

The explosion of online buying has led to the proliferation and rise in popularity of online marketplaces that are geared up to maximise consumer reach through easy to use platforms, with the added benefit of being backed up by some of the world’s most recognisable brand names. A no brainer, surely?

You’d think so, but although marketplaces such as Amazon are a channel for businesses to maximise sales by capitalising on their large consumer reach and trust factor, we’re still seeing companies under utilise them. One of the most common reasons we’ve seen is due to the perceived complexity surrounding trading via an online marketplace, particularly as the number of orders and marketplaces increase.

But what if all it required was one simple connection?

For Huber Group, international expansion was proving to be a stumbling block for their growth strategy, but by using the Marketplace solution from TrueCommerce they expanded their international sales by connecting to new audiences through marketplaces such as Zalando, Zalora and TMall.

Ian Morgan, group head of digital at Huber, said “A key component of our success is the positive wholesale relationships we hold with retailers – both physical and online – in our key international markets. As such, wholesale remains core to our long-term objectives. But we also recognise the massive growth potential of increasing our sales directly to customers and anticipate this area of the business will account for around half of our future turnover with TrueCommerce’s support.

In order to facilitate those ambitions, it’s imperative that we’re able to run new online shopfronts through platforms like Amazon in a way where communication and information exchange with our customers is absolutely seamless. We’ve already seen the benefits of piloting this approach and working with TrueCommerce will give us the ability and the confidence to implement it at scale.”

Whether you’re in the fashion, food, furniture, or any other type of business, the chances are there’s a marketplace catered specifically for your customers to access the type of products you sell, through an easy to use online platform. 

Through one simple connection to TrueCommerce you can gain access to almost a hundred global marketplaces. Our solution enables you to automatically exchange key order, fulfillment, customer and inventory data between all your marketplaces and your business/ERP, 3PL, shipping and/or warehouse management systems, so you can focus on what you do best, making and developing products.

Contact us for further information on how we can help you increase your sales through online marketplaces.