EDI Solution for Mid-Market Businesses

EDI for Mid-Market Businesses

EDI solutions for all mid-market businesses, irrespective of your level of technical expertise

Transforming business performance

While some mid-market firms are still getting to grips with the benefits of EDI, most have already embraced EDI but are seeking to maximise the management and performance benefits that the technology can offer and reduce the amount of internal IT resource required. TrueCommerce's EDI solution has been designed with these mid-market businesses in mind.

TrueCommerce's EDI managed service combines speed, ease of use, and market-leading support to provide a solution that can be implemented quickly, easily maintained, and operated without causing a drain on internal IT resources.

Automation and integration

TrueCommerce mid-market EDI fully automates the flow of high volumes of information between trading partners. It then translates that data into a format that integrates seamlessly with any ERP system, providing speed, accuracy, and minute-by-minute visibility into your business.

Order management provides a complete trading history with each individual partner. You can monitor the progress and status of all current orders, enabling businesses to pre-empt any trading issues and proactively solve them.

Meanwhile, EDI status alerts allow key employees to receive automatic updates on new orders, traffic with key customers, and the status of your internet connection with key trading partners.

Market leading support

At TrueCommerce we understand that, once a company has harnessed the power of EDI, it then becomes the backbone of the business and its trading activities. With all major customer orders and invoices delivered by the system, it becomes essential that the EDI platform is maintained with 100% stability.

The TrueCommerce managed service team look after your EDI system and the day-to-day running of EDI on your behalf giving you the confidence you need and enabling you to reallocate internal IT resource. The team pro-actively monitor the platform for message validation errors and resolve issues, in many cases without having to involve you.

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Learn about the benefits of EDI – In our Customers’ Own Words

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As a fully managed service, those outsourcing to TrueCommerce are free from the burden and risks associated with technical issues, maintenance costs and the need to keep abreast of advancing technology

Once the implementation process is completed by our dedicated team of implementation and on-boarding specialists, the TrueCommerce EDI managed service team will look after the day to day running of EDI on your behalf. We pro-actively monitor the TrueCommerce platform for message validation errors and if an immediate fix is not possible, a managed service representative will contact you and manage the issue through to resolution.

The managed service team have in-depth knowledge of individual client implementations, as well as the EDI standards and formats in your country and are therefore able to resolve any issues you may have quickly and easily enabling you to focus on your core business.Click here to discover the further benefits of a managed solution.

Click here to discover the further benefits of our EDI managed service.