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EDI Solutions by Industry Type

TrueCommerce has explored these characteristics and developed solutions to meet each of these industry nuances

All businesses have their own trading nuances and characteristics, however, there is considerable common ground within companies in the same industry sector. TrueCommerce has explored these characteristics and developed solutions to meet the needs of these industries, however ultimately we specialise in situations where the timing, accuracy and volume of trade is critical, regardless of sector.

Building Distribution

The TrueCommerce solution allows building distribution and construction companies of all sizes to easily harness the power of electronic trading whether it be trading with their customers, suppliers or both. Click here to find out more about how TrueCommerce can help businesses in this sector take advantage of EDI.

Food and Drink

It is crucial in the food and drink industry that perishable items are produced at the right quantity and the right time. An efficient EDI service allows you and your customers to quickly and easily transfer orders and invoices, ensuring you have the foresight to produce the optimum volumes for each delivery. Click here to find out how TrueCommerce speeds up the data interchange process.


In the fast moving world of retail, it is important to ensure trading can be carried out with high volumes of suppliers as efficiently as possible. The TrueCommerce solution has been built with exactly this requirement in mind. Click here to discover how the solution speeds up the electronic trading process for retailers.


For third party logistics (3PL) providers, every waking hour is dedicated to delivering the right products, to the right place, at the right time. The comprehensive functionality and features of the TrueCommerce platform, which is underpinned by our global trading partner network and our leading managed service, enables the efficient management of consignment information and provides customers and partners at both ends of the supply chain complete visibility. Click here to find out more.


The TrueCommerce EDI and e-invoicing service links insurers to intermediaries and suppliers, offering a range of solutions from EDI which is fully integrated into back-end ERP systems, through to customer portals where transactional data can be keyed in or downloaded. As a fully managed service it removes the need for in-house EDI experts and provides a platform for the more extensive use of EDI with brokers, delegated suppliers, MGAs, capacity providers, and the claims supply chain. Click here to find out more.

Other industries

TrueCommerce provides EDI for many other industries around the globe, to find out more about the different industries and the solutions provided to them, click here.

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Case Studies

Use the links below to find out more about how our EDI managed service has benefitted companies across a diverse range of sectors.

BWG Foods
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Greencore video case study

Greencore Group plc, a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods, shares the benefits of utilizing TrueCommerce's fully managed EDI platform.

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