Logistics EDI

EDI service for the logistics industry

TrueCommerce's EDI for logistics - manage the complexity of delivering the right products, to the right place, at the right time

For supply chain logistics businesses, every waking hour is dedicated to delivering the right products, to the right place, at the right time.

Now often regarded as the ‘intelligent link’ between manufacturers and retailers, these highly specialised businesses move products from the production line to retailer distribution centres and onwards to the store shelf for consumers to purchase and enjoy.

When those products are perishable food items, speed of delivery is absolutely paramount.
Meeting numerous and complex customer requirements in a fast-moving supply chain requires specialist knowledge and expert systems across a variety of functions, including the all-important electronic messaging capability — EDI.

Logistics businesses select the TrueCommerce EDI platform for its ability to help manage the complexity and high volumes associated with today’s fast-moving supply chain processes.
TrueCommerce EDI’s comprehensive functionality and features, built on our market-leading, cloud-based technology, delivers efficient management of consignment information and gives customers and partners at both ends of the supply chain a window into the fulfilment process.

Orders are taken and invoices are produced electronically reducing manual entry — and its associated errors — throughout the supply chain. By storing product, pricing, promotion, stock level and order history data, our platform not only enables the purchase-to-pay cycle to be managed in the cloud, but also provides business intelligence with which to make better informed management decisions.

By managing all ordering and distribution activity, fully integrated with back office systems and incorporating watertight business continuity provisions, TrueCommerce is not only savings costs and driving efficiencies, but, in many instances, also speeding up deliveries for customers, the ultimate measurement of success in the logistics world!