The TrueCommerce Microsoft 365 Finance & Operations EDI integration enables companies to integrate their EDI solution with their ERP, allowing them to automate the flow of EDI messages directly from their back office systems. Companies operating with an integrated EDI solution can encompass all their trading partners, negating the need to log onto portals and rekey data, instead they can opt to send all their EDI messages directly from their core system at pre-arranged times of the day.

The TrueCommerce EDI integration can facilitate the transaction of all electronic business documents to any partner, whether they’re customers, suppliers or logistics providers. By aligning an ERP system with the EDI solution, companies benefit from accurate processing with an easy-to-use interface, allowing for smooth alignment of current business processes.

TrueCommerce clients can leverage improved order-to-invoice lifecycles to increase their ability to process payments. Documents can be automatically translated and built in validation rules can be applied to ensure outbound documents are authorised against pre agreed business rules, enabling those utilising an integrated EDI solution to streamline their business relationships.

As a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, TrueCommerce clients can rest assured that their integrated EDI solution has gone through stringent compatibility tests and is being used successfully by other customers.

TrueCommerce Managed Service
TrueCommerce's embedded EDI module eliminates manual entry, streamlines the order to cash process and provides seamless access to your trading partners; without the need for multiple platforms. The solution fully automates the exchange of messages, removes the need for error-prone manual processes, whilst delivering complete end-to-end visibility.

This advanced level of integration eliminates the need for specialist EDI personnel within organisations. Our managed service desk is staffed 24/7 by our regional teams of technical experts who monitor the delivery and processing messages, and proactively resolve any issues, ensuring the smooth running of EDI with any business.