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PDF invoice processing converts PDF invoices received from suppliers into a standard digital format and processes them in the same way electronic invoices received via EDI are processed.

With TrueCommerce PDF invoice processing, suppliers simply send PDF invoices to a specific email address. We convert PDF invoices sent to this address into a standard electronic format and process them like any other digital invoice.

What is the difference between sending a PDF invoice by email and EDI?

Although PDF’s are electronic files they do not have a standardised structure in the same way EDI messages have. Consequently, receiving PDF invoices without a PDF invoice processing solution and automated workflow in place still poses a challenge to organisations.

Businesses that receive high volumes of PDF invoices will still experience many of the challenges associated with paper invoices. With no automation in place the processing of PDF invoices adds to their AP department’s workload as opening and processing the invoices will require human intervention, with the need to print and scan or rekey invoices into their accounts package.


Digitise all your supplier invoices without changing your
AP processes

Maximise the number of invoices that are processed with zero touch and instantly start accepting digital invoices

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Benefits of PDF Invoice Processing

  • Make it easy for your suppliers to send electronic invoices

Your suppliers can simply change the email address they’re currently sending invoices to and we do the rest. With the TrueCommerce PDF invoice processing solution you can maximise the number of invoices that are processed with no input required from your AP department.

  • Reduce costly invoicing errors and the time spent resolving them

In a recent survey of UK businesses, seven in ten (71%) had concerns about their supplier invoice process, with late and duplicate payments top of mind. By automating the processing of PDF invoices businesses can increase the accuracy of invoice processing by removing the need for manual re-keying which is notoriously error prone.

  • Improved supplier relationships

Build stronger partnerships with your suppliers and maximise supplier adoption by enabling them to continue with their current trading processes.

The TrueCommerce PDF Invoice Processing Solution

Our team of specialists will get you up and running, managing the on-boarding, set up, and the definition of invoice conversion rules. With our PDF invoice processing solution businesses can easily convert PDF invoices into their desired electronic formats for processing in their ERP or accounts system.

For more information watch our video or download our information pack to find out how you can easily start to accept, convert and process PDF invoices.



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