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Strategic Benefits
Introducing a PIM solution into your organisation brings many strategic benefits to your business, having an impact on your bottom line whilst enhancing your marketing efforts    

Bottom-line Benefits
A PIM solution can also help improve bottom-line benefits by creating a better customer experience across multiple channels.

Increase conversion rate
Optimise product content for buyers to more easily find your products and information they need.
Reduce Returns    
Better information improves buying experience meaning customers can make more informed choices before they purchase.
Reduce Costs                
Free up resources that are manually entering product information by hnd and reduce errors that occur due to the re-keying of information.
Grow your brand and sales
Increase sales and brand awareness by connecting to more stores and market places.

Marketing Benefits
There are many benefits for marketers when implementing a PIM solution. Streamlining the management of product data means a complex task can become a very manageable one. 
Manage content complexity
A PIM solution can make expanding product portfolios and moves into new channels and markets much easier to manage. 
Gain complete control
Deliver the content you want to the channels you want, addressing specific relationships, contract requirements, fulfilment demands and market segments.
Ensure content quality
Source, validate and approve product information in a structured, efficient and accurate manor.
Maintain compliance
Maintain industry and regulatory compliance even with a global presence, driven by built-in validations and content approval workflows.

If you'd like more information on the basics of PIM, please see our 'What is PIM?' FAQ.


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