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Multi carrier shipping software allows your business to quickly and easily compare different carriers and find the provider that best meets your needs and budget. With built in analytics you can analyse shipment history data which allows you to acquire better rates with the carriers you use, which further increases your ROI.

What are the benefits of using shipping software?

Shipping software that allows you to distinguish between the different carriers in the market and choose the best provider delivers a range of benefits across your business.

  1. Reduce transportation costs - Dynamic rate shopping functionality delivers up to date rates so you can accelerate your selection process. You'll also be able to analyse shipment history data, enabling you to negotiate better rates with the carriers you use. 

  2. Meet marketplace and retailer requirements more easily - As marketplaces and retailers represent lucrative opportunities for businesses its essential to make sure you give yourself the best chance of winning the contract. Companies can do this by ensuring they comply with the strict trading and shipping requirements usually imposed on them by larger organisations. By having multiple carrier options your business can find the providers best suited to your requirements, and even change carriers more easily to make sure you’re getting the best service going forward.

  3. Accelerate internal processes - Shipping software should offer integration into your ERP to enable you to streamline processes, generate shipments or invoices directly from your business system, sync tracking data and automatically update orders with shipping statuses.


One of the most common things we hear when discussing fulfilment with businesses is that once they’ve increased their sales and won new business they struggle to fulfil these sales efficiently, and in particular, struggle with the pressure of choosing the right carriers to deliver their products.

When sales are lower, just using one carrier is often sufficient, but as sales grow so too does your need for better fulfilment capabilities. Scalable solutions are essential to success and as a result, our mutli carrier shipping software solution enables growing organisations to sell more without suffering under the increasing cost of shipping more goods.

When choosing the right shipping platform for your business it’s essential to weigh up if it’ll help remove some of the burden that comes from increasing sales, and as a result, improve your organisations performance.

The TrueCommerce web-based platform enables you to automatically choose the lowest cost carriers based on your specific needs, which allows you to reinvest the time spent obtaining multiple quotes and avoid sticking to a single carrier for convenience, in spite of cost. In addition, by cartonising your orders you can pack more efficiently, which reduces your costs further by optimising your shipping pallet and avoiding wastage.

Our solution also consolidates multiple applications into one powerful platform that connects shipping, order processing, your business system and customer service tasks.


Accelerate outbound fulfilment and improve productivity

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship connects to your sales channels, your order management systems, and parcel carriers to simplify and optimise the shipping process.

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