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Who needs a pack and ship solution?

Flexibility is crucial in meeting consumer demand. One of the common things we hear when discussing fulfilment with businesses is that after they have achieved increased sales are the challenges associated with picking, packing and shipping the orders to their destination, accurately and in a timely fashion, providing the level of service customers now expect as standard. 

Often when a business starts trading, a single shipping station with single carrier software, is adequate to manage the pick and packing process. However, this solution doesn’t scale but even when sales increase the businesses may still not be at a level where a full warehouse management system is required. The alternative is a pack and ship solution that enables these businesses to scale by packing more quickly and accurately, obtain the lowest shipping rates and quickly print shipping labels from over 60 carriers.

What are the benefits of a pack and ship solution? 

  1. Increase the speed of order fulfilment - A pack and ship solution enables you to pack and ship more orders, in less time with standardised processes, batch shipping and access to multiple carriers from one central solution.

  2. Reduce transportation and delivery costs - Shipping and delivery fees can loom large above organisations that are ill-prepared to manage their demand efficiently. Often, savings can be found by comparing and contrasting the rates and offers of multiple shipping carriers but the time needed to discover these savings can deter businesses. A multi-carrier shipping solution handles this for you, enabling you to avoid overspending on shipping.

  3. Increase accuracy and fulfilment efficiency - When it comes to deliveries, customer expectation has never been higher. We expect what we have ordered to arrive as quickly as possible and in light of increased competition, it’s essential for companies to ship the right products, in the right quantities, to the right locations. Pack and ship solutions improve accuracy with functionality such as image-guided and scan verification techniques to make sure the right products are packed. In addition, pack verification functionality removes costly shipping mistakes, whilst, street level address verification guarantees that parcels are only shipped to valid addresses.

  4. Easily comply with retailer or marketplace requirements - Large retailers and marketplaces can often penalise suppliers for poor performance and in a competitive corporate landscape it is essential to maximise your business performance. For example, only businesses with excellent seller metrics get a 'Buy Box' on Amazon. Pack & Ship solutions help ensure compliance with requirements and regulations by producing for example, compliant Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) and GS1 Labels.


The TrueCommerce Pack and Ship Solution

The TrueCommerce Pack & Ship Solution consolidates multiple applications into one powerful solution that connects shipping, order processing, EDI, your ERP system and customer service tasks.

Our web-based platform enables you to scale your business, accelerate order processing and outbound fulfilment and improve efficiency and productivity by automating previously manual tasks with standardised packing and shipping processes. 

Importantly, our service lets you automatically choose the lowest cost carriers based on your specific needs – so you can reinvest the time spent obtaining multiple quotes and avoid sticking to a single carrier for convenience, in spite of cost. What’s more, you can cartonise orders and pack more efficiently, which reduces your costs further by optimising your shipping pallet and avoiding wastage.

How to pick and pack orders

When more and more packages need to shipped, it becomes increasingly important to have a structured and automated method to manage your outgoing parcels.TrueCommerce Pack & Ship lets you fulfill orders across all your sales channels including bricks and mortar stores, eCommerce storefonts and online marketplaces

Our powerful rules engine ensures shipments are completed correctly and our web based user experience makes it simple to pick, pack & ship orders from your warehouse, store, 3PL or dropship supplier. 

We can cartonise orders, randomly inspect for compliance and update your ERP, accounting or order management system when your order is complete to ensure efficient and automated processes throughout your supply chain.


Accelerate outbound fulfilment and improve productivity

TrueCommerce Pack & Ship connects to your sales channels, your order management systems, and parcel carriers to simplify and optimise the shipping process.

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