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Most PIM systems enable integration with your customer facing ecommerce solution or online marketplaces, allowing you to publish content directly to your eCommerce platform and marketplace listings or send it to your etail/retail partners. They should also facilitate integration with your back-end ERP or business systems as a source of data.

Benefits of PIM Integration

The advantages of PIM ERP integration is that you can import product information directly from your ERP into your PIM system, allowing you to quickly and efficiently source data. You have the capability to sync the systems so the data in your PIM system is automatically updated when product details are updated in your business system, removing the need to manually key data. Integrating your ERP with your sales channels is one of the 5 PIM eCommerce best practices. The TrueCommerce PIM solution comes pre-integrated to over 30 ERPs.

The benefits of the sales channel integrations is that they ensure consistent product information is distributed across all your sales channels which ultimately improves your customers' buying experience. It also enables you to reduce repetitive manual data entry between your platforms and you can instead benefit from product content being updated in near real-time. As with the business system updates, updates within the PIM system can be automatically disseminated to your sales channels or set up for review prior to changes being distributed.

Example PIM Integrations

The TrueCommerce PIM system enables you to publish product data to your eCommerce storefronts and marketplaces more easily. You can automatically map and translate incoming data to specific fields required by your eCommerce store or channel-specific fields required by marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay.

We can help you connect to over 100 global marketplaces. For a full list, click here.


If you'd like further information on the basics of PIM, please see our 'What is PIM?' FAQ or if you are still unsure if PIM is right for your organisation you may benefit from our PIM checklist that details 5 signs that you would benefit from Product Information Management.

If you would like to discuss your product content requirements and how the TrueCommerce PIM solution could benefit your company, please contact us for a discussion and/or demo.


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