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Whilst a PIM solution offers benefits for companies of all sizes it offers the most benefit to companies who are struggling with the following problems:

•    Your company has a large or rapidly expanding assortment of products
o    If your company sells a vast array of products or works with a number of suppliers who all supply different products it’s imperative to market them as accurately as possible. A PIM enables you to source, market, update and synch product content from a central repository to your online store/marketplace.

•    Your company is looking to grow online sales
o    A common way to grow sales is to expand the channels which your company sells on/across.
Through a PIM solution you ensure that each products descriptions are optimised across all channels

•    You have frequent price changes

•    You have complex products which require succinct descriptions/ measurements etc.
o    Are you investing too much time into managing your products? Companies which manage varied and complex products can invest too much time into managing these products, this time could be reinvested into other strategic areas of the business.
o    The goal of PIM systems is to ensure the product information distributed to potential customers is high-quality, consistent and accurate across the board

•    You are looking to sell your products internationally 
o    Translating and marketing products and their descriptions into different languages and currencies can be complex. With TrueCommerce PIM you can automate this process

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