EDI Referral Partners

EDI Referral Partner Programme

Join TrueCommerce’s partner network and improve your bottom line

TrueCommerce is the partner of choice for a broad range of professional services and technology companies who recommend our market-leading electronic trading service to their customers.

Our experience, the reliability of our EDI platform, our established network and our leading managed service delivery model, all contribute to the industry-wide recognition of our leading EDI and e-invoicing solutions.

TrueCommerce has worked closely with partners for many years and we understand that the ability to offer additional functionality helps you to differentiate your solution from the competition.

Who is the Referral Partner programme for?

If you provide your customers with solutions for the licensing, implementation, or support of ERP systems, theTrueCommerce EDI referral programme is well worth considering. Often your customers will require functionality to support the automated exchange of business critical documents, which is not delivered as part of standard products offered by ERP publishers.

Similarly, if you’re an accountant or an advisor helping your customers adhere to legislative and tax requirements, or working with them to improve efficiency, implement best practices and optimise business processes, TrueCommerce offers solutions that will benefit both you and your clients.

How does the referral partner programme work?

As EDI or e-invoicing opportunities arise amongst your client base recommend TrueCommerce and receive a referral fee for leads that result in a sale for TrueCommerce.

Our Channel Sales team work with you to provide on-going support and joint marketing campaigns.

Why TrueCommerce?

With TrueCommerce you get all of the advantages of working with a global leader in electronic trading solutions. We can greatly improve your win rate and help you improve your bottom line.

We understand that referring your clients to a third party provider of technically complex solutions requires trust and confidence. We provide both commercial and technical presales assistance, making sure that all questions and concerns are addressed prior to engaging with your clients.

Become a partner

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