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AS2 is an industry standard introduced in 2002 to enable data to be sent directly and securely from one location to another.

The benefit of AS2 is it's pier to pier and as such, avoids using Value Added Networks which can often have a charge associated for the traffic that passes through them. However, the cost to set up and maintain an AS2 connection remains relatively high due to the technical skillset required.

An AS2 connection requires two locations to be configured to send and receive messages to and from each other — and if one of these locations is not available, the message can be missed.

AS2 differs from EDI because it uses TCP/IP — the basic communication language of the internet — rather than a VAN, and the receiving machine must be connected to the internet at the time the message is sent. Like EDI, AS2 can handle all file formats and is perfectly suited to the transfer of orders and invoices.

Because the technical competency required to set up and maintain an AS2 connection remains high, many companies choose TrueCommerce to implement and manage their AS2 service.

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