Fully Managed EDI Service

What is an EDI Managed Service?

An EDI managed service is established when an EDI provider manages all of the customer’s electronic trading activity and technology

An EDI Managed Service is the main mechanism that businesses use to outsource their EDI requirements. These arrangements can provide important benefits for those companies without the necessary IT infrastructure to host and operate their own EDI solution.

Choosing this option removes the need for the customer to invest in skills, processes, hardware, and software. Instead, the EDI provider manages all of the customer’s electronic trading activity, utilising the latest secure technology and expertise. Typically, a wide range of different managed service packages are available, giving the customer guaranteed service levels at a consistent and predictable cost.

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Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI

Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI

How outsourced EDI combats the constraints of an on-premise solution.