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Technology within business is advancing at rate never seen before creating both opportunity and confusion. The following questions now arise frequently within modern businesses.

  • Which technology is most beneficial to my business?
  • Which new solutions should take priority?
  • What is going to deliver the biggest ROI?

This e-invoicing checklist is designed to help your business easily decide if and what priority e-invoicing should take priority within your organisation.

Download the checklist to find out why e-invoicing could be the solution if your company is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

1. Your AP department is becoming too large

2. Over 10% of your accounts payable employees' time is spent on communicating with suppliers

3. You are becoming buried under mountains of paperwork

4. Accounts payable errors are creating a separate workstream

5. Over 10% of your AP Department's time is spent on reentering invoice details into your companies ERP system


G2 Winter 2021


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