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Cummins Generator Technologies Customer Case Study

In early 2003 Cummins decided to investigate the market for a solution that would enable the sharing of common, real-time critical information across its supply network.

Visibility and control improves on-time deliveries and reduces costs


In 2003, the Company’s executive team set a challenging vision for the company’s supply chain - Zero Lead Time - Zero Admin - Zero Defects. To achieve this vision much work needed to be done to improve collaboration between themselves and its trading partners.

The Solution

Cummins was looking for a vendor that could quickly implement a cost effective but functionally rich collaborative solution. After a rigorous selection process, TrueCommerce was selected based on its depth of functionality, speed of implementation and time to benefit.


"We knew that the supply chain was an area where we could benefit from savings, while moving us towards our vision. TrueCommerce was quick to identify high value opportunities within our supply network and allowed us to electronically connect to the nodes on that network extremely quickly." Richard Elenor, Plant Manager, Cummins Generator Technologies

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