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DT Group Customer Case Study

DT Group achieves significant benefits with EDI from TrueCommerce

DT Group achieves significant benefits with EDI from TrueCommerce


Over the last hundred years, DT Group has grown to be the largest retailer and
distributor of building materials in the Nordic region.

Today, DT Group consists of more than 400 stores and has almost 8.400
employees in nine countries. In Denmark, the company is known especially for the
building material chains STARK and Silvan, and the company is also represented by the chains Starkki and Beijer in Finland and Sweden, respectively.

DT Group has a long tradition for working on automating its communication using

The Solution

The number of transactions is growing constantly but can be handled by the same number of employees. Mads Hvelplund explains it this way: ”Every year, we receive more than 1.5 million invoices in Denmark alone. We receive two-thirds of them as electronic invoices, and even though more invoices are constantly coming in, we do not have to hire more staff to handle them. They can all be processed using our EDI solution from TrueCommerce.”


”DT Group is a business that is in constant growth, and as part of this journey, our
EDI solution from TrueCommerce has been an important element, ensuring the
business and technical support of the growth. With help from TrueCommerce’s EDI
solution, we have achieved profits in the form of financial savings, time reduction,
better data quality and a higher level of customer satisfaction”,
says Financial Development Manager, DT Group, Mads Hvelplund

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