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PJH reaps the rewards by utilising the managed service solution from TrueCommerce


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Picture this… you’re a leading supplier of bathrooms, kitchens and appliances, and you’re part of the Globe Union group of companies who operate in seven countries, across three continents. Over the last four decades you have been at the forefront of distribution to independent retailers, house builders and multi-channel retailers. With over 20 EDI trading partners, a mixture of both customers and suppliers, the need for a flexible and efficient EDI managed service solution was imperative to support the day-to-day operations of your business. 



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But, your EDI solution is proving cumbersome with most work having to be undertaken by internal IT teams which is becoming a very expensive and time consuming exercise. For each new supplier you have to onboard, the development team spend many hours and a great deal of resource developing, configuring, and testing routines/processes to make sure everything is working as they expect.



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So, following a discovery, consultation and tendering process, you chose TrueCommerce to take away the responsibilities and workload you are experiencing with your existing provider. Our solution matches your requirements, presents greater value for money and  by utilising our managed service your IT teams can focus on more valuable projects. The versatility of our solution means that you can implement more streamlined electronic trading processes.



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Now, the burden of EDI is controlled and performed by TrueCommerce. The solution has not only improved your current trading network, but by providing a scalable solution for different sized businesses, you can now trade with your smaller customers and suppliers via EDI. EDI used to be a time consuming and problematic area of the business but it has now been revolutionised. 

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