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Electronic trading solution streamlines administration and creates efficiencies for leading wholesaler

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Picture this… You are one of the largest independent wholesalers in Northern Ireland, with your own successful symbol group of convenience stores. Key to your success has been the application of central billing systems to simplify the process by which your retailers receive deliveries from suppliers. Instead of paying the supplier for each delivery, the retailer puts the details on the central billing account they hold with you. 


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But, although central billing delivers benefits for the retailer, supplier and wholesaler, to make central billing work, you knew that you needed to work with a partner to enable large scale electronic invoice processing. 




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So, you opt for a TrueCommerce EDI solution that allows you to process central billing invoices automatically. Instead of manually inputting invoices onto your ledger they are now imported in one generic file through the TrueCommerce system, which means that far less time is consumed in administration. 



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 Now, your new invoicing process is saving your business at least three days a week and the volumes going through the system have increased dramatically. It is safe to say that, without our solution, you would have needed to hire extra admin staff to process large numbers of paper invoices.

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