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Garador is another well respected name in a high profile portfolio of companies to sign up to Wesupply's OneTime™ technology - a supply chain solutions product allowing companies to meet electronic trading mandates from their customers without the need to develop, maintain and support an internal integration/mapping solution.

OneTime™ is part of Wesupply's Electronic Trading service providing a single connection to an ever-changing supply chain community avoiding cumbersome and costly in-house approaches. Wesupply markets over 250 variable connectors, transactions and formats. Electronic Trading allows companies to Transform, Track, Validate and Translate.

Supplying benefits

Garador Limited is a manufacturer of garage doors and accessories. The Company is part of the Hormann Group - Europe's largest garage door manufacturer. Garador are the UK's 'garage door people'. The company's products are available in Builder's Merchants and specialist Garage Door Stockists across the UK.

For Garador driving forward with the power of OneTimeTM technology means a highly scalable solution that will grow with the demands of their customer base into a fully configurable supply chain execution.

Wesupply has agreed a standard interface called OneTime between Garador and itself which takes care of the translation, delivery and reporting of electronic transactions with Garador's trading partners and customers. In other words OneTime technology takes the raw data from the supplier and translates it into a meaningful format that customers require regardless of the system the supplier may be using. So nothing changes for the supply company whilst the customer's mandate is met.

OneTime technology optimises on the supplier's existing IT infrastructure and carries a one-off connection charge and an annual subscription fee.

Wesupply say that Supply Chain ambiguities are quickly removed and everyone, both supplier and customer, has one common, real-time and unambiguous view of the supply chain. The hosted service is quick to install, about 20 days and requires no hardware, software, database, integration tools or major internal project teams or maintenance. And what is more payback is pretty much immediate with a low risk factor.

"OneTime technology means that clients like Garador no longer have to worry about changes in communication methods with other supply chain participants - they simply connect to Wesupply once and we take care of the information flowing between a client and its customers and/or trading partners", says Stephen Luscombe, Customer and Technical Services Director at Wesupply. "Real-time supply chain data can vastly improve internal and external communications and processes which is also good for customer relationships. If you're trading electronically the next stage is to trade collaboratively - OneTime technology is a first definitive step in Electronic Trading"

The best of company

Wesupply already has attracted a number of high profile customers to OneTime since the technology was introduced last year with connections into companies like Wolseley, BSS, B&Q, Homebase, Tesco and Travis Perkins.

Many organisations say that when it comes to persuading suppliers to connect to a new supply chain system getting the systems to work is easy - it's persuading the suppliers to agree and buy in to one way of working that's the difficult part. With OneTime technology such problems don't exist. Customers get the mandate they require and suppliers leverage their existing investment in IT without further software or hardware expenditure.

Over the last year many organisations from the building trade to electronics, from perishable foods to white goods have been mandated to trade electronically with their trading partners and customers. This trend will continue as end user pressure intensifies and competition increases. Supply on demand, real-time supply chain management, offers high rewards for those companies that get it right - the right connection with OneTime technology means a scalable and configurable product that will grow with the company - into a fully collaborative solution.

If a supplier has multiple customers demanding multiple communication methods which are costly and inefficient then Wesupply OneTime technology could be the answer.

It's obvious that no one can get everything right first time but suppliers can now confront a customer trading mandate with a simple and universal interface.

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