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TrueCommerce awarded a place on the Crown Commercial Services Framework Agreement for PEPPOL Access Point Services

Coventry & Manchester UK. 10 January 2017 - TrueCommerce, a HighJump company and a global provider of trading partner connectivity and integration solutions, has announced today that it has achieved PEPPOL Access Point Certification and has been awarded a coveted place on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework Agreement for PEPPOL Access Point Services.

In April 2014, the Department of Health published the NHS eProcurement strategy, to deliver increased efficiencies and ultimately save the NHS money that could be spent on frontline care. A key element of the strategy was to mandate the use of the global GS1 coding and PEPPOL messaging standards throughout the healthcare sector and its supporting supply chains.

TrueCommerce has built upon its existing PEPPOL health sector experience in Denmark to provide a reliable and proficient electronic trading solution for both NHS trusts and suppliers to enable them to meet the NHS eProcurement strategy deadline.

TrueCommerce’s place on the PEPPOL Access Point Services Framework Agreement and its PEPPOL Access Point Certification means TrueCommerce has the ability to electronically transfer business-critical documents such as orders and invoices between NHS trusts and their suppliers via an accredited and compliant solution.

TrueCommerce’s many years of experience will ensure the rollout of its electronic trading solution to the UK healthcare sector will be completed smoothly and efficiently, whilst the all-important and often overlooked ongoing support of the solution will be in safe hands with the UK’s most comprehensive managed service.

David Grosvenor, Senior Vice President and General Manager of TrueCommerce Europe added, “TrueCommerce has spent many years perfecting our public sector offering for the Danish Healthcare sector, and we are now pleased to have the opportunity to offer that depth of experience to the NHS and their suppliers in the UK.”

The 2014 UK Government eProcurement Strategy outlined the scope and timeline for all NHS bodies to move to electronic trading facilitated by both PEPPOL Transport infrastructure and the GS1 standards. The years following the release of the eProcurement Strategy have seen dramatic progress of this scheme, with the final deadlines now fast approaching. By March 31st 2018, suppliers must be ready to receive orders from NHS access points, and by September 30th 2018, all parties must be ready to manage all their ordering and invoicing using PEPPOL standards.

TrueCommerce represents one of only nineteen companies awarded a place on the PEPPOL Access Point Services Framework. TrueCommerce has extensive experience of utilising PEPPOL standards within the public sector. Our combination of UK knowhow and Danish experience allows us to help the NHS deliver on its original promise of saving costs within procurement.

Whilst other public sector contracting bodies have not yet been mandated to use the PEPPOL standard as the NHS have, the PEPPOL Access Point Services Framework Agreement will provide them with a route to comply with Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Parliament.

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