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TrueCommerce completes Major European Rebrand with two launch events

TrueCommerce, a HighJump company and a global provider of trading partner connectivity and integration solutions is pleased to announce that its three European businesses, Wesupply, Atlas Products and HighJump B2Bi will now operate under TrueCommerce Europe as part of the global TrueCommerce organisation.

TrueCommerce Europe is holding customer and partner launch events on Tuesday 23rd February (Dokken, Copenhagen) and Wednesday 24th February (Concorde Visitor Centre, Manchester) to celebrate the launch and to layout for their more than 300 European customers and partners their vision for the global future of digital commerce.

Michael Cornell, CEO HighJump commented, “We are really excited to bring together these three great businesses under the TrueCommerce name. TrueCommerce has seen a significant increase in demand across all geographies and we are now well positioned as a global leader in digital commerce, helping to re-define the types of services and managed delivery methodology that meets the needs of all of our customers.”

More than a classic EDI network, TrueCommerce Europe will deliver a truly breakthrough set of managed services through its differentiated commerce network. Both current and future customers will benefit from broad trading partner enablement capabilities as well as extensive omni-channel services built on the foundation of the HighJump supply chain business. David Grosvenor will lead TrueCommerce Europe as Senior Vice President and General Manager.

Nick Manolis, President TrueCommerce added, “We’ve built our business both in Europe and in North America based upon a set of values that puts our customers at the centre of everything we do. Simply processing “point to point EDI” isn’t enough. By leveraging the wealth of supply chain services available to them through our managed commerce network, our customers can not only gain competitive advantage in the markets that they serve, but play a role along with us in shaping the future of digital commerce. We’re excited to have over 300 of our customers join us as we explain our vision for today and tomorrow.”

About TrueCommerce Europe

TrueCommerce Europe is the brand name that brings together three market leading EDI vendors in Europe: Wesupply, Atlas Products and HighJump B2Bi. TrueCommerce Europe delivers the next generation of digital commerce, e-Invoicing managed services and an extensive set of supply chain services through its commerce network to companies large and small looking to improve efficiency and reduce cost. TrueCommerce Europe is part of the global TrueCommerce and HighJump business serving 15,000 customers with almost 800 staff deployed. TrueCommerce: Connect. Integrate. Accelerate.

About HighJump

In almost every industry, buyers are becoming more fickle, and more demanding. For logistics executives, effectively meeting buyer needs has become a relentless quest for speed and agility. Traditional supply chain solutions – siloed, complex and hard-to-implement – no longer suffice, as competitors find ways to deliver goods faster and more profitably.

In today’s “now” economy, HighJump helps you stay agile, with adaptable, connected solutions that harness the power of your trading partner community. From the warehouse to the storefront, from the desktop to the driver’s cab, we can help you achieve new levels of supply chain responsiveness, performance and profitability.

HighJump’s suite of warehouse management, business integration, transportation management and retail/DSD solutions form a complete, powerful and adaptable platform that allow you to drive growth, customer satisfaction and revenue. HighJump: supply chain accelerated.

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