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LONDON, 28 Nov 2007 - Utopia Bathroom Group Limited, the specialist manufacturer of bathroom furniture has selected Wesupply's On Demand Electronic Trading solution to improve department efficiency and increase business process flexibility.

Founded in 1989, Utopia Bathroom Group Limited has enjoyed consistent growth and is the market leader in fitted bathroom furniture with a market share of around 30%. In January 2007, Steve Cox joined the company as Managing Director to lead a management buy out which was completed during September this year. Plans are now in place to significantly develop the business via the introduction of new sectors and indeed new bathroom product groups.

As their business grew, Utopia Bathroom Group Limited were receiving more and more orders and invoices, which was becoming a manual and administrative challenge on internal resources. "We were looking for a solution which would allow us to increase the flexibility of the business by offering EDI transaction possibilities with existing and new customers, without recruiting additional people." explained Steve Cox, MD of Utopia Bathroom Group Limited.

Wesupply provided an On Demand Electronic Trading solution to manage the entire process of easily exchanging electronic data between Utopia Bathroom Group Limited and its customers, in order to increase the speed of conducting business, reduce errors and administration, and intelligently analyse trends, opportunities and issues.

"Wesupply delivered a ‘one stop shop' which other suppliers could not offer." Commented Cox. "They managed the entire process, significantly reducing the workload for our business, whilst allowing us to deliver our objective of continuous improvement through the business and particularly in IT."

The solution integrates with the existing bespoke ERP system and Utopia Bathroom Group Limited are now exchanging Order Receipts, Order Acknowledgement Transmissions and Invoice Transmissions electronically with their customers, with plans to include further message types such as Advanced Shipping Notices with a wider network of customers in the future.

"More and more organisations are embracing On Demand electronic trading technology to better serve their customers and suppliers." Comments Brian Marsden, CEO, Wesupply. "By intelligently analysing the data exchanged by trading partners, Wesupply automatically resolves transaction exceptions and drives network based analysis to monitor supplier performance and reveal trends, opportunities and supply chain exceptions in real time. This is where the true value of a Network Architected solution really comes to life."

Utopia Bathroom Group Limited are now enjoying the benefits of a configurable, easy to use, easy to deploy, On Demand electronic trading solution, focusing on delivering quick business benefits for the company and their customers. "We are confident that the initial financial benefit model will be achieved due to reduced administration and resource costs" stated Cox, "...and we are in a strong position to electronically manage new business in the future."

As Utopia Bathroom Group Limited's growth continues, it plans to roll out the Wesupply's solution across more new customers throughout 2008 and develop the functionality to expand intelligent process capabilities.

About Wesupply
Wesupply is for manufacturers, distributors and retailers, of all sizes, who are dissatisfied with the complexity, cost, maintenance and cumbersome deployment of current on premise electronic trading and supply chain solutions which ultimately fail to support supply chain innovation.

Wesupply offers On Demand Electronic Trading and Supply Chain Management through a simple OneTimeTM connection to the network, regardless of their customers' and trading partners' electronic standards and technologies. Wesupply provides a single, unbiased view of a company's entire supply chain network and the electronic messages exchanged. The solution enables collaborative control of their supply chain and allows rapid adoption of new processes that deliver visibility and confidence internally and with their network trading partners.

Wesupply is the emerging leader in On Demand Supply Chain Management, with over 300 clients, 1,000 connections and over 50,000 trading relationships, in 16 countries across Europe, USA and Asia Pacific.

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