Site Personalisation

Site Personalisation

Increase sales by offering each visitor a bespoke shopping experience

All of the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solutions provide full site personalisation, taking key functionality from B2C eCommerce solutions to maximise your B2B sales.

Site personalisation allows your business to present individual users and customers with fully customised catalogues and pricing, content, authorisation processes, promotions and news.


Personalised Catalogues & Pricing
Present specific users/customers with bespoke pricing and product catalogues allowing your business to offer a consistent approach to your customers, regardless of their purchasing method.

Personalised Content
Display targeted text and images to selected customers to highlight relevant promotions.

Personalised Authorisation Processes
Different authorisation processes can easily be setup and applied to different customers or roles to ensure the customers preferred practise is always followed.

Personalised Promotions
Implement different promotions to different customers or users at different times allowing you to maintain a consistent approach throughout your channels.

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