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Free up internal resources and focus on your core business with TrueCommerce's game-changing fully managed EDI service

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A fully managed EDI service for buyers and suppliers of all sizes

Underpinning our leading entry-level web EDI and integrated EDI solutions the TrueCommerce EDI managed service enables you to capitalise on the benefits of EDI, regardless of your size, sector or technical capabilities.

Whether you need to trade via EDI with one or more of your customers to meet their trading requirements or you are looking to roll out EDI to your suppliers to improve efficiencies, the TrueCommerce EDI managed service will enable you to do so. As a fully managed service you can reap the rewards from EDI with minimum effort, enabling your IT department to work on more strategic value added projects and for you to remain focused on your core business.

Capitalise on the efficiency and cost saving benefits of EDI with no distraction to your business

Implementing, maintaining and supporting EDI can be complex, time-consuming and ultimately a distraction. Transform EDI from a potentially expensive but unavoidable overhead into an opportunity to grow your business with the TrueCommerce EDI managed service.

Our experienced teams will take care of the implementation process, get you and your team up to speed with your new solution and then look after the ongoing maintenance and support of your solution.

Maximise the benefits of EDI

TrueCommerce gives organisations the competitive edge with a robust, scalable and cost effective managed service that harnesses the power of our leading trading partner platform.

Assured message delivery and peace of mind with pro-active monitoring

In addition to the automated alerts, we pro-actively monitor system availability, message delivery and message validation errors, resolving issues, in many cases without having to involve you.

With the TrueCommerce managed service, problems are quickly identified and rectified, avoiding serious customer service issues and ensuring your continued peace of mind.


Let the TrueCommerce specialists look after the day-to-day running of EDI and instead focus on your core strategic initiatives.

The TrueCommerce EDI managed service simplifies complexities, removes barriers and makes it easier than ever for you to do business in every direction.

More supported and secure

Benefit from a first class infrastructure with no requirement for hardware or software. Free your organisation from the burden and risks associated with capital investment, technical issues and maintenance costs.

  • 99.9% Uptime
    A combination of best of breed hardware and network components deliver industry leading Service availability
  • Maximum security
    Delivered by Tier 3+ IBM Data Centers
  • Complete Disaster Recovery
    Robust and regularly tested disaster recovery capabilities including real-time switchover processes
  • Full redundancy
    Fully redundant hardware, software and networking components

Get up and running quickly and easily with a proven implementation and on-boarding process

With 20+ years of industry experience you will benefit from proven processes that are continually refined by our team of implementation experts.

The TrueCommerce EDI service includes the full configuration of your EDI solution, followed by the seamless on-boarding of your trading partners.

"The transition was smooth thanks to the thorough testing process supported by TrueCommerce. Over 1,000 customers and suppliers were moved seamlessly on to the TrueCommerce platform."

Mark Elvy
IT Development Manager
Travis Perkins plc

Get the support you need, when you need it with our 24/7 service desk

The TrueCommerce managed service desk is staffed 24/7 by our regional teams of technical experts, who are experienced in dealing with complex and detailed EDI support issues ensuring fast problem resolution and continuity of service.

In addition to dealing with any support issues, our managed service team look after the day-to-day running of EDI on your behalf, including the on-going maintenance of trading partner connectors, mailboxes and messages.

We also offer a premium level of dedicated support.

Platinum Support Service

For clients who want support above and beyond our 'best-in-class' standard support service. The TrueCommerce Platinum Support Service includes expert guidance from a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Quarterly Account Wellness Checks (QWC's) and ongoing training sessions. Find out more about our Platinum Support Service.


Recognised as a Leader by G2 Crowd users for EDI

TrueCommerce was awarded Leader ranking on the G2 Summer 2020 Grid Report for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by receiving positive reviews from verified users.


"Rankings on G2 reports are based on data provided to us by real users," said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer, G2. "We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world."

Frequently Asked Questions:

Electronic Data Interchange — or EDI — provides the functionality to securely exchange files between two or more separate locations or businesses.

The problem with on-premise EDI solutions is that they can be notoriously difficult, expensive and time-consuming for in-house IT staff to manage. There are considerable complexities involved due to the vast array of standards used for exchanging data. Multiple connectivity protocols as well as ‘legacy’ protocols create further complexities that need to be managed.

A secure, reliable infrastructure is the foundation for mission-critical B2B processes and is a key element of an EDI managed service, as is the continued maintenance of the platform and the provision of disaster recovery capabilities.