TrueCommerce Customer Order Entry Portal

Customer Order Entry Portal

The TrueCommerce customer order entry portal offers businesses a scalable solution to offer their non-EDI customers electronic trading.

Customer Order Entry Portal Provides the Ability to Trade Electronically With All of Your Customers

The TrueCommerce customer order entry portal offers businesses a scalable solution to offer their non-EDI customers electronic trading.

Expand your electronic trading to your non-EDI customers

It is not un-common for large suppliers to trade directly with smaller customers, such as independent retailers, franchises or businesses with multiple locations, who are not yet EDI enabled. This can mean that their own business operations are being impacted by having to manage multiple order methods across a multitude of customers.

The TrueCommerce solution provides great flexibility, and has been designed to enable businesses to trade electronically with all their customers.

Who is it for?

The customer order entry portal is the perfect solution for larger suppliers to offer to all of their non-EDI enabled customers, allowing a greater volume of orders to be received in one format that’s ready for processing. Once your customers are set up on the platform, they will be able to log into the online portal and send orders directly into your ERP without the need for additional technical capabilities or resources.

The solution is fully scalable, and can drastically reduce the number of man hours spent manually processing and inputting paper orders into your ERP.

What does it do?

Unlike some other EDI solutions, the TrueCommerce platform provides an easy-to-use web portal for customers to send purchase orders electronically, which are then received directly into your ERP system without the customer needing to be EDI enabled themselves.

It also improves your customer service, delivering faster processing times and providing great flexibility for you to manage your customer relationships individually. The solution allows for customer specific pricing and an option to specify individual qualifications such as minimum order quantities meaning your customer agreements won’t need to change.

How is it different?

The customer order entry portal is a cloud based solution, utilising the best infrastructure and expertise with ongoing maintenance as standard. The combination of the TrueCommerce managed service and our seamless onboarding process ensures your customers are up and running in no time, without the need for complicated installations or training.


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