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EDI Integration compatible with any back office system

TrueCommerce EDI fully automates the flow of information between trading partners enabling you to streamline your processes, improve visibility and shorten the order-to-cash/purchase-to-pay cycle

Integration Gateway for EDI

Integrated EDI improves data accuracy with the removal of manual data entry and increases the speed of order processing, subsequently improving customer service levels. Similarly, invoices can be sent to your customers or received from your suppliers more rapidly, reducing your order-to-cash cycle time or reducing the costs of processing supplier invoices.


The TrueCommerce integrated EDI service fully automates the flow of high volumes of information between organisations, with three main integration options.

File Based Integration

With our file based integration option, you connect to the TrueCommerce network using your preferred protocol and send messages in your preferred format directly from your back office accounts, warehouse or ERP systems. TrueCommerce converts your messages to the formats required by your trading partners and delivers them using your partners’ preferred connectivity.

Messages from your partners are delivered to you in a format that allows them to be imported into your back office systems, removing the need for manual entry - saving time, reducing errors and eliminating paperwork.

Our fully managed integrated EDI service is compatible with all leading back office systems, including SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor and Prophet.

EDI Integration Modules

TrueCommerce has developed a number of EDI integration modules to enable you to maximise the benefits of EDI. Further details can be found in the links below:

Web Services Integration

Many ERP applications have standard web service interfaces to allow transactions to be posted to, or retrieved from the application, in fact cloud based ERP applications will typically only support integration via web services.

TrueCommerce supports the use of web services to integrate with both traditional and cloud based ERP systems, for example, we have clients who utilise web services to post purchase orders to their order management application and retrieve invoices from their financial applications.

Contact us to discuss which EDI integration route is best for your company.

The TrueCommerce EDI service also supports the exchange of business information through a web portal.

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