Outsourced EDI Infrastructure

Outsourced EDI Infrastructure

TrueCommerce's Outsourced EDI Solution provides the functionality required to operate a sophisticated trading network whilst ensuring your solution is hosted in a secure & maintained in a tier 3 datacentre.

TrueCommerce helps businesses transform EDI from a potentially expensive but unavoidable overhead into a business opportunity by providing the infrastructure, experience, skills and support required, allowing customers to concentrate on what they do best.

As a fully managed service, TrueCommerce provides all of the components organisations need to operate a secure, reliable and streamlined B2B EDI system, functioning efficiently and effectively 24/7, for a fixed annual fee, with no capital expenditure, hidden or variable costs.

With TrueCommerce’s cloud-based EDI technology, you are guaranteed:

  • Fully redundant hardware, software and networking components
  • Continuity and constant upkeep and improvement of all physical infrastructure
  • No hardware or software is required in your environment
  • Operated from a Tier 3 secure IBM Data centre for maximum security.
  • Regularly tested disaster recovery (DR) capabilites with all of the necessary switchover processes documented and with associated staff available 24x7.


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Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI

Outsourced vs. On-premise EDI

How outsourced EDI combats the constraints of an on-premise solution.