The TrueCommerce e-invoicing solution includes invoice validation functionality which automatically validates invoices created by your suppliers against pre-agreed business rules, ensuring data, formats and calculations are correct before they are sent to you for processing.

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Remove costly and time consuming manual processes

Typically reviewing supplier invoices for payment involves a manual process that can be a huge drain on the finance department. If there is an issue with an invoice, for example if there is missing information, there can be considerable delays whilst suppliers are chased for further information. Rule-based invoice validation, automatically rejects invoices that do not meet pre-agreed requirements freeing up your AP team to focus on other tasks.


Qualify for early settlement discounts

Reducing the time required to clear invoices for payment allows decisions to be made on whether or not to take discounts for early settlement.


Feelunique case study

Feelunique benefits from TrueCommerce's supplier enablement solution

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Improve supplier relationships

The benefits of invoice validation extend beyond your own operations, suppliers also benefit from the early warnings regarding invoice issues. Suppliers are automatically notified of invoice validation failures enabling them to amend and resubmit their invoices immediately, ultimately avoiding unnecessary delays in receiving payment. The TrueCommerce managed service team are also available if your suppliers need guidance.


Eliminate errors, maximise efficiencies

The TrueCommerce e-invoicing service enables invoice validation regardless of how your suppliers send invoices to you — through the TrueCommerce web portal, directly from their back office system or as PDF invoices.


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