The TrueCommerce e-invoicing solution supports PDF invoice processing, enabling all of your suppliers to be included in your e-invoicing/AP automation project.

Remove all paper invoices and streamline your AP processes

PDF invoice processing is designed for your suppliers that are unable to send electronic invoices directly from their accounts payable application (often due to limited technical capabilities), but who are reluctant to create invoices using a web portal due to high volumes. The TrueCommerce e-invoicing solution improves the efficiency of your AP processes by eliminating the need for any manual invoice processing. The TrueCommerce e-invoicing solution also makes it easy for your suppliers…..

Increase accuracy and reduce costs

Maximise the percentage of invoices that are processed correctly and reduce the number of invoices queries your accounts payable team receive


Transformation, translation and validation

PDF invoices received from your suppliers are converted in to a standard XML document and the PDF conversion process is verified to ensure all invoice lines were included, and that the numeric values were interpreted correctly.

Following the PDF conversion process, the PDF is then processed using the same transformation, translation and validation rules that are applied to all electronic invoices providing you with complete visibility of all your invoices.


Configuration of the PDF conversion engine

TrueCommerce obtain samples of invoices from each supplier and use these to configure the PDF conversion engine for each supplier to maximise the number of invoices that are processed correctly without the need for human intervention.



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