The Right Time to Implement

When is the right time to implement PIM

TrueCommerce PIM is an ideal solution for brands that want to increase sales, expand their product range and onboard new channels.

The PIM solution from TrueCommerce is ideal for organisations who are looking to grow their business by increasing sales, expanding product assortments and onboarding new channels. It is also very powerful for merchants seeking to more efficiently manage and optimise product content and collaborate more effectively with suppliers to minimise time-to-market.

The right time to implement PIM

If your organisation matches one or more of the following profiles, it’s time to consider how optimising product information management can streamline your operations and help your organisation achieve breakthrough growth.

Large product assortments and / or rapid expansion plans

Does your organisation have a high number of unique products or looking to rapidly expand your product range? Are managing product information using spreadsheets becoming an onerous burden on resources and growth?

Retail organisations building their assortments, whether in-store, online or both, face a similar challenge with sourcing product content from a diverse supplier community. In general, the more products a business has, the greater the value of a PIM solution.

Growing an online business

Are you looking to increase sales across a variety of digital channels? Do you want to optimise product content on each channel? Delivering optimised product content to each of the require channels in the expected format can be overwhelmingly complex when this isn’t managed in one centralised system.

TrueCommerce PIM can help eliminate this barrier to digital success by managing information in one system, publishing the content to all the required channels.

Frequent assortment or price changes

Does your business rely on frequent or seasonal assortment changes? Do your products have regular price changes? Effectively managing and rapidly distributing high-quality content for frequent bursts of new products is extremely demanding without a systematic, automated approach.

These types of businesses also benefit greatly from high-quality product content to ensure your new products are discovered whilst also reduces returns.

Complex or technical products

Are you a food manufacturer, hi-tech firm, pharmaceutical company, medical device manufacturer or other organisation that works with products containing a wide set of attributes? Does your organisation face increasing regulatory pressures to track and managed an even broader set of attributes?

For these types of organisations, managing a growing product portfolio, spreadsheet-based content management becomes too costly. The potential impact of mistakes, product recall readiness, data quality and industry compliance are key considerations for having a systematic approach to managing product content for both internal system and value chain partners.

Selling internationally

Among the challenges that selling into new geographies presents are translating product information into local languages, currencies, units of measure, cultural preferences and so on. TrueCommerce PM can make managing these changes and additions much more efficient, lowering the barriers achieving growth in new markets.


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