What is PIM? - Product Information Management

What is PIM?

A PIM solution is a centralised marketing and information catalogue that delivers product information to all channels, ensuring quality and consistency of content across the board.

Explosive growth in digital commerce and rapid expansion of product assortments are placing far more pressure on organisations to collect, enrich and share a much broader set of product content. To offer the depth of content needed to serve today’s digital marketplace, supply chain participants need simpler and more cost effective means to share their product content.

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, your business is likely working with hundreds or possibly even thousands of products. While most ERP or accounting systems allow you to manage basic product data attributes such as name, UPC and SKU, most are not extensible to manage rich content. Selling and fulfilling in today’s omni-channel environment requires management of a broader set of data including digital assets such as images, videos and specifications, communal data such as user ratings and customer testimonials and an extensive set of product attributes and variants.

Help buyers discover and purchase your products

Consistency is key the key to success to win in today’s omni-channel retail environment. Brands must deliver compelling and consistent content that stands out and converts vistors into buyers, but as you add new products and channels, the effort required can become overwhelming. A Product Information Management (PIM) solution from TrueCommerce gives your team the centralised repository and automated workflows you need to meet this critical challenge

Why use a PIM?

“Content is king” and is an essential pillar for your digital strategy, but sourcing, organising, managing, distributing and updating an ever-expanding portfolio of internal, commercial and communal product content – both with your own organisation and out to distributors, marketplaces, retailers and other channel partners – is a major barrier to growth and success.

Product content comes from a wide range of sources, and may lack completeness, quality and/or consistency. Optimising this material is one hurdle, formatting and delivering it with consistency across channels is another. Market-specific regulatory and social concerns around product safety data, allergens, traceability, sustainability, fair market practices and other factors further compound the challenge.

In the face of this mounting pressure, spreadsheet-based manual and ad hoc methods become unmanageable. To manage content complexity, achieve compliance and maintain control over content distribution and updates with channel partners, automation offers a scalable path forward.


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