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Hozelock EDI

“Our existing solution lacked flexibility to meet the changing requirements of our customers and it could not easily support non standard requirements and new technologies. As a result, the lead time for adapting to new requirements or on boarding a new customer was lengthy. The OneTime solution has enabled us to react quickly and efficiently to our customers requirements, without tying up our IT team.”

Trevor Austin
IT Director

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“It’s a revelation for us. The repetitive and time consuming daily effort has been replaced by an automated system with management tools that allow us to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Elfed Hughes
Huws Gray


“We knew what we wanted but found that we couldn’t do it ourselves. We needed a seamless system of electronically placing orders, and then seeing when they were delivered. At the same time, we wanted to track how well our suppliers were meeting their delivery promises.”

Stephen Bacon
Supply Chain Director


“We receive a consistently high level of support, as opposed to logging a ticket and hoping for the best as was the case previously.”

Caroline Youssefi
Systems Functional Consultant

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“We decided to move all of our EDI capability on to one platform, as we wanted an outsourced solution with a proven track record of connecting with our customers. TrueCommerce’s managed service came highly recommended to us and their competitive, fixed annual price sealed the deal.”

Martin Bentley
Director of IT & Communications
John Guest Ltd


"TrueCommerce Netalogue have been a long term strategic partner to us for over a decade, the depth of functionality in the B2B platform has allowed us to be a sector leader and the majority of our business is now transacted online through the TrueCommerce Netalogue solution. Our business is constantly evolving and there always seems to be functionality available within the B2B platform that can handle our requirements.

Through our account review meetings we are able to take advantage of new functionality and feed our future requirements into the product roadmap to maintain an excellent business fit and have the functionality we need at our fingertips. Even changing our ERP system was straight forward as it was just a case of reconfiguring the integration component; our customers were totally unaware of the transition. With Netalogue taking care of the B2B ecommerce R&D and quarterly platform updates our team at Madison can remain focused on proactively delivering an excellent customer experience whilst our online capabilities remain at the forefront of technology advancements."

Richard Hopfl
Head of IT

Matthew Clark

“We had an immediate goal to replace our existing ecommerce platform. The team at TrueCommerce Netalogue quickly understood the must have requirements but more importantly offered a wide range of new enhancements to improve our customers experience.

Working closely with the senior management team, TrueCommerce Netalogue have also understood our longer term strategic goal to significantly grow our ecommerce capability and customer base and are helping deliver what will be an industry leading ecommerce and digital account solution.”

Mike Fisher
Head of Digital and eCommerce
Matthew Clark