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“We have been very impressed by their approach and the quality of their technology and we look forward to working together.”

Jack Regan
Group Finance Manager
Henderson Group

Hovis EDI

“TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service allows us to simplify our EDI footprint and concentrate on what we do best. With our previous providers we wouldn’t know there was a problem until our customers told us, however the pro-active service delivered by TrueCommerce will ensure that any issues are resolved before they reach our customers.”

Dominic Howson
IS Director


‘’As part of a large Japanese Corporation we have extremely complex product and pricing requirements and in turn, very specific legislation which we had to ensure we covered as part of our internal processing.  As a result we found the decision to use our own integration module allowed us to identify the most suitable approach when system capability met our internal requirements and we were able to realise several benefits to the project, which more than made up for the challenges that comes with a project of this size without undue cost or delay.

Quickly my IT team understood the workings of TrueCommerce Netalogue and we were able to enhance our integration to provide a seamless solution which overcame the concern in our Supply Chain team about their ability to keep up with our customer demand.  There were a few glitches on the way – all identified during the UAT process and quickly resolved.

Overall, it was both an interesting and challenging project and I have to say, TrueCommerce Netalogue were a pleasure to work with and the TrueCommerce Netalogue developers were excellent and helpful.’’

Brian Dickie
IT & Business Support Manager

Hozelock EDI

“Our existing solution lacked flexibility to meet the changing requirements of our customers and it could not easily support non standard requirements and new technologies. As a result, the lead time for adapting to new requirements or on boarding a new customer was lengthy. The OneTime solution has enabled us to react quickly and efficiently to our customers requirements, without tying up our IT team.”

Trevor Austin
IT Director

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“It’s a revelation for us. The repetitive and time consuming daily effort has been replaced by an automated system with management tools that allow us to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Elfed Hughes
Huws Gray


IPS Specials is a leading pharmaceutical company serving professional pharmacists and dispensing doctors and specialising in unlicensed medicines, named-patient medicines and imported products. The Netalogue B2B Ecommerce portal in operation covers trade ordering of pharmaceuticals and also benefits from comprehensive customer self-service features enabling IPS clients to view copy invoices, statements and make invoice payments online. The B2B ecommerce solution integrates deeply with SAP Business One ERP.


“We knew what we wanted but found that we couldn’t do it ourselves. We needed a seamless system of electronically placing orders, and then seeing when they were delivered. At the same time, we wanted to track how well our suppliers were meeting their delivery promises.”

Stephen Bacon
Supply Chain Director