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“I was surprised to learn that not only could TrueCommerce deliver a fully managed and hosted solution, which would mean no more on premise software or hardware compatibility issues, but the annual cost was a fraction of what we’d been paying.”

Simon Johnson
IT Manager
Marcrist International


‘’We chose Netalogue after a review of the market and potential suppliers who could help us. Netalogue stood out as a platform that could be easily implemented, provide us with a broad range of functionality and was flexible enough to cater for our specific business requirements. In addition, the experience Netalogue has of our business sector and the people we met at an early stage in the process made it a relatively straightforward choice.’’

Phil Court
Head of Technology Delivery

Monitor Audio

‘’Our customers and staff are delighted with the new platform provided by TrueCommerce Netalogue which has provided a seamless solution from customer order to our ERP system, SAP Business One.

Monitor Audio has an extensive client base selling to over 75 countries with a product portfolio in excess of 4000 SKU’s.  The TrueCommerce Netalogue platform has been implemented to provide our clients with the best possible customer experience whilst delivering back office and operational efficiencies.  We are proud to be an associated partner of TrueCommerce Netalogue and look forward to their software and expertise assisting us to grow in the future.’’

Robert Barford
Finance Director
Monitor Audio


“The TrueCommerce Netalogue platform has proven to be a good solution for the launch of our B2B selling strategy. The flexibility of the platform means that configuration and integration with the back office ERP system can be as simple or complex as you need it be, the user interface means admin and maintenance isn’t resource intensive and we are able to deliver a buying platform that our customers are happy to use.”

Matt Sutton
Financial Controller


“After seven years of working with TrueCommerce we can still absolutely state it was a great decision. The always-on service provided by the expert team at TrueCommerce has always been excellent and is a key enabler for NFT Group to add value to our customers. Since the original implementation they have supported us through major growth and delivered every ask, however demanding. I could not ask for much more from a partner.”

Stephen Szikora
IT Director


‘We were looking to move from a bespoke in house system to a new B2B offering that would cover our functional requirements whilst being integrated with our ERP system. TrueCommerce Netalogue covered the majority of our requirements from the standard offering and were able to quickly develop some niche aspects of our online offering  as part of the project in time for our go live ambitions. I work closely with the TrueCommerce Netalogue team in terms of upgrades and requirements and have found them responsive and understanding of our needs, we take regular updates to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technological developments.’

Brian Westfall
IT Manager

Oakland EDI

“The implementation of the TrueCommerce solution was very successful in a tight timescale and now provides Oakland with a robust ebusiness platform that will support our future growth.”

Dean Attwell
Managing Director
Oakland International