Creating a Support Ticket


How to create a Support Ticket using MyTC Portal

  • First, choose New Support Case upon logging into MyTC Portal
  • Second, choose the appropriate product tag that you’re having issues with

Below is our category of the products for DiCentral customers:

  • DiWeb – The Default product for DiCentral customers.
  • DII – DiIntegrator
  • NetSuite Adaptor – For clients using NetSuite solution.
  • DIOMS – DiCentral Order Management Software System
  • Net-Transfer – For clients receiving and transferring files using Net-Transfer
  • DiConnect – For clients receiving and transferring files using DiConnect Lite
  • FTP/SFTP – For issues pertaining FTP/SFTP connection between clients and DiCentral
  • AS2 – For issues pertaining AS2 connection between clients and DiCentral
  • Certificate Renewal – For requests to renew certificates between clients and DiCentral

If you are unsure about the product having issues, you may choose “Other”

  • Once you have picked a certain product, you will be prompted to input your email address:
  • You are required to provide a brief description of the issue you are having:
  • Like emailing us, you will include details of your issues here:

Once all the details have been filled out, the system will create a support request and you will be notified via email of the case #

From this point forward, you will receive case updates via email and both MyTC portal.

While MyTC Portal is a dedicated source to create & monitor your support requests, we do not require our customers to respond to our conversations using MyTC. You can reply directly to the e-mail MyTC sends to you to converse with us.