BZT Fashion AB: EDI Case Study


BZT Fashion strengthens it’s trade with it’s suppliers using EDI

BZT Fashion is continuously engaging new brands, and this has lead to an increasing number of products, trading partners and documents that need to be managed. BZT Fashion therefore decided to streamline its processes and lay down a set of requirements for managing and exchanging documents between BZT Fashion and its suppliers.

The Solution
BZT Fashion has chosen to work with TrueCommerce on the B2B integration, i.e. helping BZT Fashion’s suppliers get started with EDI. There are significant benefits involved in outsourcing the B2B integration to a large supplier such as TrueCommerce, rather than working with a number of small suppliers with different competencies:

„TrueCommerce has the competencies and company size needed to support us in whatever direction our ambitions and demands may take us. As opposed to other suppliers that I have previously worked with, who specialise in specific industries, TrueCommerce has a more mixed customer portfolio. So regardless of in what direction our business may move, TrueCommerce has the knowhow that we need“ Niels Hemmingsen, COO, BZT Fashion.