Jimmy’s Iced Coffee: EDI Case Study


Iced Coffee Supplier Saves 4 Hours Per Day with Integrated EDI From TrueCommerce

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Picture this… You’re a forward thinking, hangover curing, beverage supplier that has brought Iced Coffee to the UK market. From humble beginnings, you’ve grown from the ground up and first started trading in 2011 with Selfridges, a national retailer, as your first customer.

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But, as you expand and start trading with more and more retailers nationwide, your current EDI solution just isn’t working for you anymore. It’s taking up to 4 hours per day to manually process orders using each customer’s unique portal.

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So, you turn to TrueCommerce. Our EDI solution is the perfect fit, integrating with your Sage ERP system and streamlining your order management process so you don’t need to hire another member of staff. Our transitioning method and parallel run testing means that there are no outages during the switching process. And even after everything is up and running, our consultants continue to provide the service and support you need to keep running smoothly.

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Now you’re enjoying streamlined trading with major retailers, saving you time, money and resources. Your internal resources can focus on business growth activities so your organisation can reach its business goals. This is just the start for you of doing business in every direction.

„The transition between our old provider and TrueCommerce went very smoothly. I can happily report that we didn’t miss a single order and to this day we still have not had any EDI outages that have led to missed orders. The onboarding process was relatively simple due to the experience of the technicians we had helping us, we’re still in contact for any support issues and can happily say that they’re a good bunch.“

Luke Wilkes, Operations Director at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee