TrueCommerce Datalliance Updates Its Core Vendor Managed Inventory Solution

Inventory management software further expands external demand driven replenishment capabilities

Cincinnati, Ohio, November 27, 2018– TrueCommerce Datalliance, a global provider of vendor managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative replenishment (CR) software, announced the fourth free 2018 software update of its core solution to enhance its external demand driven replenishment capabilities. The update’s new features focus on meeting the changing retail landscape and enabling executives to deeper analyze company data.

Doug Bethea, Vice President of Consumer Goods Solutions said, « Retailers, more than ever, are under a lot of pressure to have the right products on the shelf. And, by adding features to external demand driven replenishment signals, our software makes it easier for suppliers and distributors to relieve that burden. Plus, we’ve added more visibility around product activity transactions, must go order days, truck building, safety stock, order point, and shipping lanes. Our customers, and our customers’ customers, are going to love the new high-powered functionality. It’s another example of how we are enabling our customers to be more connected, more supported, and more prepared for what’s next. »

Beyond the retail sector, TrueCommerce Datalliance added the Manager Dashboard, an advanced analytical application. « Manager Dashboard organizes key performance indicators (KPIs) and enables customers to monitor daily and weekly workflows as well as identify opportunities to increase productivity, » said David Hall, Analytics Project Manager. « This is the first time that TrueCommerce Datalliance customers will be able to see type of information and we expect a lot of interest. »

Additional highlights of this release include:

  • Supplier Information Master (SIM) data values have increased to support a broader range of requirements
  • Enhancements to numerous existing reports (e.g., external demand/unknown items, lost sales, forecast accuracy, post launch summary)
  • Visibility and maintenance of setups for must go order days and truck building order days by shipping lane
  • Mass item update now allows item stratification codes to be added, maintained, and removed
  • Additional visibility options for Available-to-Promise (ATP) products
  • Customizable reports that customers can self-manage
  • Manager Dashboard offers full-structured KPI view

TrueCommerce Datalliance customers can access the full list of updates by logging in to their account.

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