If you have a customer query, call the Birmingham office:

Birmingham Office (formerly known as Wesupply): +44 (0)345 643 6600

Where is the TrueCommerce Birmingham office?

Visit the TrueCommerce Birmingham office, a 30-minute walk from Birmingham International train station. TrueCommerce operates its market leading services from offices around the globe ensuring when you need help there is always a local team ready to help. 

Please see below for the Birmingham office address:

Birmingham Business Park
2010 The Crescent
B37 7YS

TrueCommerce Birmingham offer the following services:


Call one of our other offices:

Manchester Office (formerly known as Atlas Products): +44 (0)345 643 6600

Ireland Office (formerly known as Atlas Products Ireland): +353 (0)1 511 1263

Denmark Office (formerly known as Highjump B2Bi): +45 (0)4582 1600