Matthew Clark: B2B eCommerce Case Study


Matthew Clark increases sales, improves customer loyalty and cuts costs with TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce

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Picture this… You’re a national drinks wholesaler with unrivalled scale and reach into the UK on-trade market, which allows you to deliver value, range, insight and expertise to over 18,000 outlets.

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But, your previous solution was scoped as an online ordering platform to drive efficiency and reduce costs within the telesales department, as opposed to a fully functional B2B eCommerce solution.

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So, when your incumbent solution is retired you decide to conduct a full market review, recognising the benefits and opportunities that B2B eCommerce can help deliver.

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Now, with a fully functional eCommerce offering, focused on providing great customer service, you are in the perfect position to drive efficiency, win new customers and convert existing customers from telesales and traditional order methods to online ordering.

„The TrueCommerce platform has helped us vastly improve the customer experience we provide and consequently our eCommerce customers are spending more per order, shopping more often, buying more brands and are ultimately more loyal“

Richard Hayhoe, Marketing Director at Matthew Clark