A new initiative driven by TrueCommerce is to expand EESPA's focus from electronic invoices to other documents type 


TrueCommerce Nordic have been an active member of EESPA for years, meeting up with other members twice a year to share experiences and discuss the needs, challenges and trends they see within the area of electronic invoicing. 

EESPA - European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association - is a European trade association of approx. 75 members who all represent companies that offer EDI and solutions for electronic invoicing. EESPA aims to create a forum in which the players in the market of electronic invoicing can share and accumulate knowledge and keep abreast of legal requirements and the development of new technology – for the benefit of their customers. 

Over the years, EESPA has focused on the standardization of invoices across European countries, but CEO of TrueCommerce Nordic, Jacob Vestergaard, has now taken on the role of leading a new strategic initiative intended to expand this focus to other documents types. To begin with, this initiative will relate to the procurement process and support of the document flow. 

Jacob Vestergaard explains that TrueCommerce Nordic are seeing an increased international trade across European countries: "With a large geographical distance between companies and their suppliers comes an increased focus on time-sensitive deliveries. The document flow between trading partners en Europe needs to be streamlined so that it doesn't make a difference to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers whether their trading partners are local or based in other countries. We would like to contribute to this development."

During the first half of 2020, EESPA will arrange a series of workshops for their members with the purpose of deciding on future activities. 

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