What is PEPPOL? Five Facts Providing You a Basic Overview


Below, we provide you with five important things about PEPPOL that will give you a good overview of the network and how you start sending electronic documents via the PEPPOL infrastructure.

1. What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an organization with the purpose of establishing a common and standardized infrastructure for digital exchange of business documents across Europe, both for the public sector and private companies. An increasing number of companies are choosing PEPPOL as their preferred infrastructure for sending and receiving electronic documents, especially electronic invoices.

The EU has enforced a number of requirements regarding formats that you need to comply with when trading with the public sector in the various countries. To ensure compliance with these requirements, PEPPOL has taken initiatives to make it easier for companies to exchange documents via the PEPPOL infrastructure.

2. Which countries are part of the PEPPOL infrastructure?

The PEPPOL network started as a European project, but the infrastructure network has expanded to countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan – and PEPPOL continues to grow. Today, more than 600,000 companies are registered in the PEPPOL network. Even though PEPPOL still focuses particularly on electronic invoices, this focus is being increasingly expanded to include orders, order confirmations, packing slips and other business-critical documents.

3. What is a PEPPOL Access Point?

To send electronic documents via the PEPPOL infrastructure, your company must send the documents via a PEPPOL Access Point. A PEPPOL Access Point is a network service provider – typically an EDI provider – that is connected to the PEPPOL infrastructure and thereby has access to send and receive electronic documents via the infrastructure. Today, there are hundreds of approved PEPPOL Access Points, and TrueCommerce is one of them.

4. Who is a PEPPOL Authority, and what do they do?

A PEPPOL Authority is a department within the public authorities of each PEPPOL country. In Denmark, the PEPPOL Authority is the Danish Business Authority (Erhvervsstyrelsen).

PEPPOL network

The primary purpose of the PEPPOL Authority is to approve new PEPPOL Access Points. This means that in Denmark, a company would have to apply via The Danish Business Authority and be approved by them in order to become a PEPPOL Access Points.

Today, there are 17 PEPPOL Authorities globally.

5. How can I send electronic documents via the PEPPOL infrastructure?

If you are interested in sending and receiving documents through the PEPPOL infrastructure, you need to sign an agreement with a PEPPOL Access Point, such as TrueCommerce. You then access and create a profile on www.peppol.org à select a recipient of your invoice à enter the information for the invoice à send the invoice.

PEPPOL process

If you already have an EDI solution from TrueCommerce, you automatically have access to the PEPPOL network which is one of the largest infrastructure networks in Europe. We will be your Access Point, enabling you to exchange digital documents with your trading partners across Europe.


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What are the advantages of using the PEPPOL infrastructure?

· You ensure that your company complies with the EU and country-specific requirements to formats.

· You get access to a network of more than 600,000 companies and thereby also potential trading partners.