Fresca Group: EDI Case Study


The UK’s largest independently-owned supplier of fresh produce selects TrueCommerce

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Picture this… You’re the largest privately-owned supplier of fruit and vegetables in the UK. Through an ever-expanding group of companies, you source, supply, prepare, pack and deliver the finest quality fresh produce to customers all over the UK.

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But, you’re handling your EDI requirements in house, using a myriad of on-premise EDI solutions – with each division using a different solution. As the group expands, so too does the requirements for EDI, however, your older, unsupported solutions become unreliable and an increasing level of in-house IT resource is required to maintain them.

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So, you look for an outsourced provider as you recognise that you can not afford for EDI issues to impact your customer service. Our fully managed EDI service, allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers, improve visibility of supply chain information, reduce the drain on internal resources, and increase the speed of responding to changing customer requirements.

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Now, you’re operating from a single B2B platform that is proactively monitored for additional message validation failures and errors. Plus, the transition from numerous on-premise EDI solutions to TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service has provided your businesses with a stable, scalable platform for future growth, without the risk of IT purchases, maintenance costs and upgrade issues.

„With companies such as Sainsbury’s amongst its client base we felt confident that TrueCommerce had the knowledge and expertise to on-board a company of our size and stature and were sensitive to our apprehension in switching providers.“

Jason King, Senior Systems Analyst at Fresca Group