Hozelock: EDI Case Study


Fully managed, outsourced solution delivers improved quality of service to customers

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Picture this… you’re a Birmingham based garden equipment manufacturer with a reputation for innovation, quality and good value.

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But, although you’ve earned a reputation for innovation your electronic toolset is slowing you down. Up to now, you’ve been using an on-preimse EDI solution from a third party but it is inflexible and is impeding your business. You’re a thriving company but each new customer’s EDI requirements are bringing new challenges and an ever present need for in-house EDI configuration, the extra workload is drowning your IT teams.

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So, you turn to TrueCommerce. Our experience in the industry makes the transition from on premise to outsourced EDI simple. There’s no need for onsite software or hardware and our EDI experts make it easy to transact EDI messages to all your customers, regardless of their technical requirements. With seamless ERP integration you’re now sending messages from your business system straight to your customers, without investing time or resources into manually keying data into your system or supporting your EDI infrastructure.

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Now, you’re facilitating 70% of your turnover through TrueCommerce with the aim of extending EDI to all your customers. Through our teams of experts you can quickly respond to EDI requests and improve your customer service. Now that your workforce’s time is directed away from EDI and into other areas of the business you can concentrate on expanding your operation without worrying about how you’re going t o manage a growing customer base. You’ve improved your service whilst reducing the amount of IT expense required to do business with your customers.

„Our existing solution lacked flexibility to meet the changing requirements of our customers and it could not easily support non standard requirements and new technologies. As a result, the lead time for adapting to new requirements or onboarding a new customer was lengthy.“

Trevor Austin, IT Director at Hozelock