Whitworths: EDI Case Study


Whitworths Benefits From TrueCommerce’s Integrated EDI Managed Service

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Picture this… you’re the UK’s leading supplier of dried fruit, nuts and seeds to the biggest supermarkets. You’re passionate about your products and are determined to deliver the very best that nature has to offer to consumers across the UK.

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But, your new ERP upgrade highlighted the limitations of your on premise EDI system. You’d previously relied on internal teams to manage your EDI, but integration into your IFS package necessitated a change in infrastructure. Carrying out this integration in-house would have been hugely expensive both in terms of time taken and cost incurred. Furthermore, you wanted your EDI solution to react quickly to new challenges, onboarding new clients and adding more messages has to be easy for a growing business, but this wasn’t the case for you.

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So, after reviewing our solution and similar success stories, you choose TrueCommerce. Our team of experts manage the transition from your existing solution as well as the integration into your IFS system without missing a singe order or invoice. With our proactive managed service managing EDI on your behalf you can reinvest onsite IT teams time into other areas of your business.

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Now, your integrated EDI solution is making your business more agile and improving your service. With our managed service teams managing the day to day running of your solution you’re benefiting from a stable and reliable EDI platform that enables you to meet the electronic trading requirements of your customers, whilst streamlining your internal processes and allowing your teams to focus on other critical areas of the business.

„If we had undertaken this project on our own we would not have achieved the results we did as quickly, if at all. It was the fact that TrueCommerce had excellent experience of undertaking this type of work and very good contacts in the multiples that won the day.“

Steven Griffiths, Head of IT at Whitworths