Accutime Watch to Use Vendor Managed Inventory at Retail Locations

— Fast-growing watchmaker signs deal with TrueCommerce Datalliance to optimize stock levels —

Cincinnati, Ohio, July 9, 2019– TrueCommerce Datalliance, a global provider of vendor managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative replenishment (CR) software, announced today that Accutime Watch Corporation will use its vendor managed inventory platform at more than 900 retail locations. Accutime designs, manufactures, and markets on-trend, private label, branded fashion watches for all genders and ages.

Leon Shama, VP Sales and Marketing for Accutime said, « Consumers want options when selecting wristwear. They want to touch the watches, feel their weights, and try them on. So, it’s critical that our products are available at the shelf as it is the best way we can enhance the shopping experience. And, because of vendor managed inventory, we will have higher in-stock rates and increase overall shopper satisfaction as well as being a better supplier to our retail partners. »

Accutime will utilize the Retail Solution of TrueCommerce Datalliance’s supply chain management platform. This solution features a robust assortment planning feature that maximizes sales by ensuring the right items are available at the right stores. Item forecasts for each store are updated every week to guarantee accurate reorder levels and maintain item inventory within the desired shelf minimums and maximums. This highly responsive solution optimizes product availability without overstocking.

TrueCommerce Datalliance Director of Sales Tom Hoar explains how the Retail Solution will benefit Accutime. « As various demand signals, inventory levels, and other data points are fed into TrueCommerce Datalliance’s platform, the solution dynamically responds to consumer sales and recommends the right inventory levels, » said Hoar. « This eliminates a lot of manual calculations and greatly expedites the order process. We’re thrilled to help Accutime become more efficient and better serve their customers. »

Accutime planners will also see a substantial productivity boost using the TrueCommerce Datalliance solution to manage items across all stores together via several high scale features aimed at managing store level inventories. Shama said, « The Mass Order Preview feature is going to save us a lot of time. With one button, our planners are going to be able to launch orders to every retail location managed by VMI. Plus, order information like Category IDs, product allotments, and total order values are automatically calculated. This could completely reshape how we manage our inventory. »

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About Accutime Watch Corp.

Accutime Watch Corp. founded in 1967 is headquartered in the heart of the fashion district of New York City. Accutime has experienced significant growth through the ongoing development of new watch programs and successful licensing agreements as well as the manufacturing and marketing of many private label brands. Accutime is the licensee for Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, US Polo, XOXO, and Kensie.

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