eInvoicing: The benefits

An invoice is a business document issued by a selling organisation to a buying organisation. The process of manually logging and approving invoices can be painstakingly long, with Accounts Payable teams suffering under inefficient paper processes whilst also fighting the threat of duplicated efforts, late payments and errors. In a recent study the CIMA stated … Continued

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Want to have a more profitable, efficient and competitive business in 2018?

Consider implementing or extending your use of standards-based EDI to transform your business’s performance and cost base. Digital transformation for your sales and accounts receivable In this day and age we are all aware of how technology and digital solutions can help us save money, save time spent on manual tasks and reduce the likelihood … Continued

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Don’t lose sight of your suppliers

In meteorology, visibility refers to the distance at which an object can be easily discerned. However, businesses dealing with vast supplier bases within competitive markets need to go beyond just distinguishing who their suppliers are and gain real time visibility into their service, standards and performance. In today’s fast paced retail environment, having control of … Continued

Is there a value for paper in business?

Although Electronic trading is prevalent amongst many companies there are still businesses of various sizes opting to send paper invoices. On average, it is estimated that every employee uses around 10,000 sheets of paper each year, with those in finance departments using the most, and the majority of all paper used, wasted. But why? Traditionally … Continued

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